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Meeteings archives for all of 2006.


This month enjoyed the return of some new faces from last month.  And I think even a few more new people joined us.

Abe's little house on the prairie.  Later this day it took over in the Tyson's display case.

A newcomer, ________ and her ____________.  Maybe she'll read this and help me out?

Jeff and Abe.

Again, I dunno what this is or who built it.  Anyone?

These two faces were new to me, but they were very comfortable there, so I suspect they are not so new.

Philip's __________.

Magnus demonstrates, yet again, his ever-popular tanks.

This little pull-back guy by _______ got a lot of floor action today.

__________ by ________.  I'm not sure if this was a set or a MOC.


This month's meeting featured an abundance of new faces and a Washington Post photographer walking around.  There were more newcomers than Ken could keep track of.  And by the end of the day the WAMALUG display window at Tyson's was changed over to Mike Harrod's sculptures and mosaics.

Next Saturday is the National Air & Space Museum's special event where WAMALUGers were invited to showcase.  Several members will show off pieces relating to "life beyond Earth."

The Exo-Force Bridge Walker and the White Lightning prepare for battle.  Brought in by Philip.

U-Haul.  A beautiful piece by Mike Collaco.

New faces appeared this month.  Here, Mike Collaco joins Dan and Magnus.

John chats with two newbies, a mother and son team.

Another new face chats it up with the regulars around lunch time.

Washington Post photographer.

This month was marked by many new faces.  Here is ________.

Minifigs have needs too.

___________ brought in a binder of old Lego catalogs.


Father and son, John and Peter, building seperately, together.

Ken, Michael and Robert each in their own zone.  Michael's Warhol-ian mosaic hasn't progressed since dinner a couple weeks ago.

I cannot be certain, but I think this mecha is attacking the soda bottle.

Another newbie (yay!), Brendan with colorful hair, colorful shirt, and colorful pieces in colorful containers.

Dan Rubin and Tony Perez chatting over a pile of bricks.

Still more fresh faces.  Yay again.  Gavin chatted via the Yahoo forum and showed up with friend Edik.

Kunie building a SpongeBob Krusty Krab set.

Todd and Jeff Stembel clicking away.  Adam Silcott in the middle inspecting Jeff's progress.

Jim studying Adam studying Joe's Mindstorm contraption.

Tony watching Todd's WTC climb higher.


Marian sorting pieces.

Christina hanging out near some ME models.

Magnus toying with a mecha Philip had presented at BrickFest.

???? checking out Fraedal's lobster-bot.

Girls just wanna have fun... with Magnus' tanks.

Robert builing Batman from the box.

Our latest visitors, Sam and his mom Terri.  Sam showed off his A+ school project.  We pity the kids using shoe boxes and glue!


Drawing for LEGO baggies.

Last month's drawing had several baggies of LEGO bricks left over.  This month the remains were doled out.

Members drew numbers for the premium baggies.

Everyone in their own world of clicking.

Several members lost in their own worlds of clicking.  Front: Mike with the new Advent Calendar.

Classic castles and new castles.

Classic castles and new castles.

Instant creativity.

Surrounding discussions, lunches and squalking robots can't deter instantaneous creativity.  Some folks bring their own brick collections, rather than sets, and create on-the-spot.

More talking than clicking.

More talking than clicking, sometimes.

Statue of Liberty, mini.

Statue of Liberty, mini.

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