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Awesome massive Macy's building with street scene.

Robert toiling away.

Folks browsing through old instruction manuals.

The final frontier.

Tis the season.

Some of the gang.

More of the gang.

One of the gang.


Small group today.

John and his bucket.

Gustavo and his tower. It took over the Tysons display box today.

Todd and Magnus chatting.

"The Big Bus" (a 1970s made-for-TV movie).

Showing off the bus.

Gurskey checking out the kids creations.


ComicCon exclusives.  Cool boxes.

Classic yellow castle brought in by a newbie member.

Rich's collection of exclusive event bricks.

This is what it's all about...

...a room full of adults and LEGO.

Another noob.  Welcome!

Someone hit a yard sale jackpot and really irked everyone else in the group!

Cool cars by young Mike Maurer.  Hey!  Check out that car in the upper right corner!

Jeff Stembel makes a rare appearance.


Atom Shock (yeah, his real name) peruses some classic booklets and instruction he brought in.

New faces, father and son.

Cool building with excellent fire escape.

Two guys and a table.

Abe brought in a digital picture frame playing a slideshow of BrickFair images.

And Abe finally got around to building this old set.

The kids' table.

Ken being interviewed for a college project.

The day winds down; people pack up.


Benjamin P. and his Bionicle.

Two guys, lotsa LEGO, and a soda.

LEGO chatter among the guys.

Is that Galidor?!

Room full of peops.

JULY 2008

Galen showing off... something.

Mike Harrod takes over the window display today.

Piles of MOCs.

Magnus, always showing off a military vehicle.

Very organized building process by Abe.

Room of people doing their thing.

Cool shot.

Room full of activity.

BrickFair planning.

NBM 2008

A joint display between WAMALUG and WAMALTC at the National Building Museum in DC.

JUNE 2008

A quiet group for Derek's last meeting before he leaves to Kansas-stan.  Kunie and Robert each surprised the other with their NBM engraved bricks, both sets from Tommy Armstrong oddly enough.

Friend and friend.

Father and son.

Boyfriend and girlfriend.

Robert Gurskey shows his work for the upcoming NBM event.

Nick Kappatos stares down a rocket launcher.

You know it's good when it hardly resembles LEGO at all!

Magnus et al try to comprehend rules of a new game.

Not twins; just the same shirt.

Ken, head down, working.

MAY 2008

This month witnessed the building excitement of our upcoming National Building Museum event in June.  Several AFOLs were constructing specifically for that.

AFOLs can read too.

Leni Perales and Gustavo Perez-Bonany working on a Saarinen project for our upcoming NBM event in June.

A weapon of war sits upon our sign-in sheet.

From the staff of our friendly local LEGO store at Tysons Corner, a Moonbase module in the works.

Ken Rice working away at a group of new Indiana Jones sets.

Margaret and Robert catch up.

Dan Rubin, Magnus, and Derek learning to play Thurn and Taxis.  Not very LEGO-ey, but forgivable.

APRIL 2008

Folks planning building projects for the Saarinen-focused event coming up at the National Building Museum.

Abe and Mike hanging out.

Abe's sudoku board, clearly inspired by Kunie's genius concept.

The room.

No more photos available :(

MARCH 2008

We tried out yet another library.  The Dolley Madison Library put us even closer to Tysons Corner LEGO store than previously.  The space was sizable and roomy, with plenty of tables.

Mike Crafts' linen Lego panels really transformed the room!

Everyone busy at their own tables.

Kunie and Tony looking over the 1st print issue of BrickJournal magazine.  Yay!

Marian Hardy inspecting John Rudy's work.

Kunie's colorful Sudoku game was hit with the men.  Many spent a long time struggling with it.

Leni Perales building the Eifel Tower with Gustavo Perez-Bonany.

Todd's Battleship game.

Rich's excellent little Starship Enterprise (despite that it includes a few clone pieces!  Ack!)

John Rudy's street scene.

Derek's table bustling with sorting activities.


This month we tested a new facility, The Thomas Jefferson Library, closer to Tysons Corner.  This also marks the triumphant return of our resident photographer Philip (along with someone else's liver).

Two dudes and a table full of LEGO. What more do you want?

Classic monorail.

Unpacking tubs to start a day of play.

Tanks and more tanks.

Crawling, roving, playing.

Rich Shamus opens a new set.

Close inspection during construction.

Rich, Mike, and John.

Ken uses the towel method of play.

Table full of LEGO fun.


No January photos :(

Our photographer buddy is recovering from surgery.  Get well and play well soon Philip!

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