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JULY 2009

Our first meeting at the Tysons-Pimmit Library.

JUNE 2009

Our last meeting at Dolley Madison Library, that we know of. Next month: a new home, Tysons-Pimmit Library.

MAY 2009

With "only" 30 attendees, this is was a much lighter turnout than we've been having recently.

APRIL 2009

Another packed meeting.  It's fine in the morning, but by lunch time people are building stuff on their laps.  We're popular!

Rich's theater interior with cool sconces.

Rich's bathroom at the theater.

Wendy's. Very iconic.

Abe checking out CVS Pharmacy.

Mini-Mecha. Awesome.

Ambassador Dan's massive book of instructions.

Tony, in a rare appearance, helps build store displays.

Ken, Margaret, the sign-in sheet, some WAMALUG business cards and banana bread :)

Room full of activity. Nowadays we are hoppin'!

One of the new store displays.

Room crowded with AFOLs and visitors.

MARCH 2009

We're growing; we're officially packing the space full each month. Today we had new faces plus visitors from the park outside (crazy people enjoying the nice weather).

A new face.

Robert's cool micro MOC.

Robert and Michael (aka: Cliff and Norm).

The ongoing construction of some monster spaceship.

This conversation is friendlier than it appears.


I dunno what these are, but they were cool

A new TFOL face.

A rare appearance.


This month we tested a new facility, The Thomas Jefferson Library, closer to Tysons Corner.  This also marks the triumphant return of our resident photographer Philip (along with someone else's liver).

Two dudes and a table full of LEGO. What more do you want?

Classic monorail.

Unpacking tubs to start a day of play.

Tanks and more tanks.

Crawling, roving, playing.

Rich Shamus opens a new set.

Close inspection during construction.

Rich, Mike, and John.

Ken uses the towel method of play.

Table full of LEGO fun.


This meeting was PACKED with people.  We must've set some type of record.

Cool red, tank/truck/fighter thing.

Japanese TV show featuring creative J-AFOL geniuses played on a laptop.

Happy Bionicle smile -- or is it Mecha?

Robert, Mike and the gang.

This was as empty as the room ever got today.

Ben checks out Ken's progress on a new Indiana Jones set.

Gustavo with a table full of bricks.

LEGO and toasters don't mix.

Todd's jigsaw puzzle nearly complete, hours later.

More of the gang.  Magnus reading a cool Japanese book of LEGO.

The start of something big.

Rich, proudly showing off some well-done buildings.

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